EA and Bioware's Anthem Getting Demo in February

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EA might not be everyone's favorite publisher right now but there is a lot of excitement for their upcoming game Anthem, which is being developed by the beloved Bioware. We've only seen glimpses of the title but we do know that it will be similar to Destiny, in that the title's story can be played in single-player and multiplayer but (hopefully) better.

With the game scheduled for a February 22, 2019 release, we're still a long ways away from getting our hands on it. However, fans will be happy to know that they can get their hands on the demo in the same month as the game's release.

There is a catch though.

According to a blog post from EA, fans will be able to play the Anthem demo on February 1 if they pre-order the game. They can also gain access to the demo if they join EA Access or Origin Access, which isn't the worst way to get a demo but far from the best. At least you won't have to pay for it *cough* Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes *cough.*

Having access to the game's demo 20 or so days before it comes out actually isn't a bad idea and should make Access members happy. It's still odd that there are requirements to play this demo but beggars can't be choosers. Then again, the Fist of the North Star game demo is gonna be available in the PSN soon without any prerequisites so feel free to get that.

Anthem comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22, 2019.

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