14 Jun 2021 5:45 PM +00:00

E3 2021 Twitch Chat Blows Up With Toxic Comments

As this year's most awaited game event, E3 2021, goes all virtual complete with a brand-new app and portal, it branches out to various online platforms as well such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and even Twitch. But as the organizers of the event prepared for what is to come, they might have missed the tendency of the Twitch chat to be chaotic and toxic as such was not properly moderated at all by any of the parties concerned.

The event started last June 12 and since then, the Twitch chat easily went off into a rumble of toxic comments which started with the lengthy pre-shows such as the one Ubisoft had last Saturday. During such segment of the event, there was a part of it that discussed gamers with disabilities, and streamers and gamers did not let that pass.


A streamer consulting for Hollywood on disability and LGBTQ issues, Dominick Evans expressed his sentiment on Twitter saying, "To make things worse though, people were being ableist and racist. A friend who is Black and Deaf was signing about Ubisoft's commitment to accessibility, and people were saying things like is he Deaf because of a gang fight? They also said sign language was gang signs. #E32021"

Maybe it was an oversight or just a missed detail but with the Twitch chat blowing up with toxicity, Ubisoft ended up disabling the Twitch chat during its game showcase just to escape these harsh comments from those watching the game all over the world. As for Square Enix, they also faced the same fate.

Not only the Twitch chat was affected, but even the YouTube chat was also bombarded with comments demanding what they want to see in the event. There were chats saying that they want to see games and not interviews of people they barely know. Some comments even say that this year's event has been a bore because they were given talking heads instead of actual games.

It has been a long-running problem of Twitch managing their chats with a small number of staff monitoring it. Do you think this will be dealt with soon?

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