Dylan Mulvaney Net Worth: See The TikTok Star’s Journey

Credit: NowThis News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NowThis News/YouTube Screenshot

Dylan Mulvaney becomes famous for detailing her gender transition on TikTok. The social media influencer now has a cult following, and her video series has more than a billion views.

With this huge success, take a look at Mulvaney’s fame, journey, and net worth.

Dylan Mulvaney’s Social Media Fame

The 26-year-old has been sharing her journey in daily videos on social media. She has a video series titled Days of Girlhood.

She also tried her hands at acting, playing the role of Elder White in the musical The Book of Mormon after graduating from college.

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She also played roles in How the Grinch Stole Christmas! at the Old Globe Theater; 8: The Play at the Birch North Park Theater; Next to Normal at Arts Off Broadway; Legally Blonde; Spring Awakening; Bye Bye Birdie; and High School Musical at ACT San Diego.

Dylan Mulvaney’s Payday and Net Worth

Mulvaney can make $1 million a year by marketing lipstick, teeth-whitening strips, and other products to her millions of followers.

She can reportedly earn at least $100,000 monthly from endorsing goods in her Days of Girlhood series, industry sources who negotiate commercial endorsement contracts for TikTok creators.

As a shrewd businesswoman, she probably receives $25,0000-$50,000 by writing about different brands.

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In addition, with her growing followers, she may overtake famous TikTok celebrities like Addison Rae and Charlie D’Amelio, and earn thousands of dollars more per post.

With these to her name, Mulvaney is probably worth $1.5 million, per NextAu.

Dylan Mulvaney’s Facial Feminization Surgery

Mulvaney underwent facial feminization surgery in December and finally gave everyone a good look at her face this month.

So, what happened during the operation and the healing process?

"The surgery itself took multiple hours," she said in her January 30 post on TikTok, per E! News. "It was the first time I was ever under anesthesia, and I don't remember a thing. I had a hairline advancement, a brow bone shave, a rhinoplasty, minor cheek enhancement, a little lip lift, a jaw shave, a chin reduction, and a tracheal shave."

However, she cleared that not all FFS is the same, as patients can choose what they want to do and enhance. But she wanted to do it all at once, considering the recovery process would take time.

After the procedure, she was sent home all bandaged with pain medicine and unable to eat solids for a week.

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After four days, she experienced intense swelling, and in the days that followed, her drains and upper lip stitches were removed. After two weeks, her nose cast, staples, and screws in her scape were taken off.

She finally saw some results after three weeks.

"I went back to the doctor, where he injected me with steroid shots to bring down some of that swelling, and that was the first time that I looked at myself and thought, ‘Oh my gosh. I love what I'm seeing,” Mulvayne said.

Though her journey isn’t over yet, she’s already obsessed with how she looks.

"The craziest part is that it can take up to an entire year to actually see all the swelling gone," she added. "So, over these next few months, we will continue to see some changes, but right now, here at the six-week mark, is a pretty strong idea of how it's gonna be."

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