Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About His DCU Failure: "I Will Always Take Guts Over Desire"

Black Adam was supposed to be the beginning of the so-called change of hierarchy of power in the DC universe and certainly Dwayne Johnson's big splash into the franchise. Unfortunately, the film underperformed at the box office and it was announced later on that he won't be part of James Gunn and Peter Safran's initial plans for the new DCU franchise.

Recently, a report also came regarding the actor's falling out with Warner Bros. during the making of Black Adam prior to the film's release. In other words, his tenure in the DC franchise wasn't a huge win and it didn't go the way he was hoping it to.

In a recent video that he posted on Twitter, Johnson addressed his failed tenure in the DCU where he spoke about the importance of having the guts to fail and cited the words of motivational speaker Inky Johnson as his inspiration for coping with his recent experience.

"A thought I wanted to share with you guys. There’s a good friend of mine named Inky Johnson, you guys should follow him. He’s always got great perspective, grounding perspective. He keeps it raw. He keeps it real. He said something that was really profound that I feel ties into this whole thing: he talked about having the guts to fail," the actor said.

"And the reason why I bring that back around to you guys is having the guts to fail compared to having the desire to be famous, having the desire to succeed. But I have found in life, that the desire to become famous, the desire to succeed will never be as powerful as having the guts to fail. And I love that, because I look back at my own life, and around every corner, and still today."

Despite the failure that he experienced, Johnson still thinks of it in a positive manner as he always takes "guts over desire" and is looking forward to seeing what the year 2023 has in store for him.

He continued, "Look, I’m a Tyrannosaurus Rex, I’m 58,000 years old, but I still have that. And that’s my lead foot. I’m just having the guts to fail, around every corner. And that leads my decisions. That allows me to take big swings. Get my ass kicked on some of them. Fail at some of them. But then, also succeed at some of them. So, I will always take guts over desire. Have a great week and let’s get after it. This is our year. 2023. Guts over desire."

The disappointing results of Black Adam have already been considered by some fans as one of the actor's low points in his career, especially with the promises that his involvement entailed back when he was promoting it and it's a major comic book role that could have propelled him into a way bigger star than he already is.

While he won't be part of the new DCU anytime soon, they also hinted that he could still return to the franchise. It would be interesting to see whether it will actually happen at some point in the future.

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Black Adam is streaming on HBO Max.

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