Dwayne Johnson is Unsure About Henry Cavill's DCEU Future

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Credit: WB

Dwayne Johnson's arrival to the DC Extended Universe is years in the making and while some people are ready to see his Black Adam face its biggest nemesis in Shazam!, most fans believe that the true money match is going to be between him and Superman down the line. However, we all know for a fact that Henry Cavill's status in the franchise has remained uncertain for quite some time now which casts some doubt on their eventual face-off.

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Credit: WB

If you'd as The Rock about it, he's pretty confident that the Man in Black and the Man of Steel will have their grand showdown in the DCEU. Admittedly, he doesn't know what the future lies for Cavill despite previous reports claiming that he has influence over Warner Bros. and DC Film's creative decisions. Speaking with Total Film (via GamesRadar), the Red Notice actor said he'd have no problem facing a different iteration of the character if Cavill doesn't return for the role.

He said: "So, let’s make sure we respect tradition and mythology, but let’s not be handcuffed creatively. We can do anything if we keep the audience first. So to me, there’s a battle that’s going to go down one day, between Black Adam and Superman. I don’t know who that Superman is going to be, and I don’t know who’s going to play him. That’s OK. I don’t need to know right now. But I’m confident in knowing that [laughs]. And that’s based out of what fans want. We worked backwards from there."

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It would be a hell of a missed opportunity if WB doesn't do a Black Adam vs Superman project involving both Johnson and Cavill. And given the fact that fans have been dying to see it happen, I don't see any reason why the powers that be shouldn't pull the trigger. Of course, WB has done some pretty questionable decisions in the past so the idea of it not happening shouldn't surprise anyone at this point. But hey, it's The Rock we're talking about and we all know that he calls the shots so maybe there's still hope.

Black Adam is scheduled for release on July 29, 2022.