Dwayne Johnson Hypes Up His Black Adam for the DCEU

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It's been years since Dwayne Johnson had been cast as the Black Adam of the DCEU, but we haven't gotten any updates on the movie until now. After the success of Shazam!, Johnson makes a post giving us an update on when his antihero comes into the DC franchise.

Check out Johnson's post:


It's worth noting that Shazam! does have a slight nod to Adam. Though he's not specifically mentioned, the Wizard does talk about someone using the powers of Shazam for evil, and this is what causes him to be incredibly selective when it comes to who his next ‘champion' will be. That ‘evil' guy that the Wizard is talking about is Adam, and we should expect him to clash with Zachary Levi's still nameless hero very soon.

We don't really know what's in store for the Black Adam movie, but if I were to guess, it would be an origin period piece set in the ancient times, and it would follow the fall from grace of the hero Adam as he uses his newfound powers for evil.

While I'm not sure a villain-centric superhero film would fly for DCEU, Joker does look amazing, and I'm sure if that film succeeds, they'll be open to more unconventional pieces like Black Adam. What I'm personally hoping for is that we get to understand who Adam is so well, that by the time he clashes with Billy Batson, we won't know exactly who to root for.

Johnson has said that production for Black Adam is aiming to start in a year, so we could be looking at a release sometime in 2022. Then again, that's just my rough guess. The farthest DCEU's current slate runs is James Gunn's Suicide Squad which releases in August 2021.


No release date has been set for Black Adam, but you can watch Shazam! in theaters now.

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