Dune Trailer Already Revealed [SPOILERS] Death

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It's only been 24 hours since the release of the first trailer for Dune but people are already worried about what will happen in the film. Book readers already have an idea of what to expect in Denis Villeneuve's grand adaptation of Frank Herbert's works and the teaser may have offered a glimpse at the death of an important character.


The first trailer for Dune already teased on the tension between House Atreides and House Harkonnen. At one point, Duncan Idaho is shown in civilian clothes while going up against soldiers. This is a fight that the character is expected to win since he also shows up in another scene out in the desert.

At one point, Duncan is shown brandishing his weapon at an unseen foe. In addition to that, he later appears kneeling to Paul out in the desert and calling him, "My Lord Duke." These scenes confirm that Duncan will follow Paul and Lady Jessica as they escape to the desert but it could also mean one unfortunate event. Duncan may have to face off against Sardaukar soldiers to protect the two which could lead to his death.

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Credit: Warner Bros.

This shouldn't be a huge surprise for book readers but some also believe that Duncan's storyline will be changed in the film. After all, the character is portrayed by Jason Momoa and people would want to see him return in the succeeding movies. For now, Duncan's fate might still be safe but it's probably not to hold your breath.

Dune will premiere on December 18.

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