25 Oct 2021 9:44 PM +00:00 UTC

Dune Revised Opening Box-Office Weekend Record Up To $41 Million

The opening weekend box office for Dune has been revised up to $41 million, building on previous reports that place the film in the range of $33-39 million for its opening box office weekend. This newly revised estimate is just more good news for Warner Bros. Pictures, after learning that the Dune film scored the biggest opening of any WB movies during the pandemic, and that the movie is also the biggest box office hit in the lineup of HBO Max simultaneous releases of the studio. The new box office estimate on Dune comes after the movie achieved an impressive $10 million at the Sunday box office.

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The movie Dune made approximately $87.5 million over the weekend, bringing its current global box office to $220.7 million. Dune is estimated to have had a marketing and production budget that could now be upwards of $30 million, given all of the delays and massive undertaking to shoot the film. There’s also the question of how much the streaming service, HBO Max, cut into the film’s performance at the box office.


However, unlike its predecessors (Mortal Kombat, The Suicide Squad) Dune is a franchise-started that immediately needs to have a follow-up. The movie only touches on the surface of the larger saga of Paul Atreides, played by Timothee Chalamet, and his convoluted warrior’s journey. The movie Dune is just the first part of what is supposed to be an epic trilogy, so the film’s performance at the box office is everything.

When Dune was released last week, the CEO of WarnerMedia Ann Sarnoff seemed to hint that a sequel for Dune is already something of a done deal - no matter what happens on the movie’s opening weekend: "Will we have a sequel to Dune? If you watch the movie you see how it ends. I think you pretty much know the answer to that."

Dune is currently showing in theaters, IMAX, and is available to be streamed on HBO Max.

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