Dune Film Left Out The Novel's Game-Changing Plot Twist

There is little doubt that Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of Dune did a great job in showing us the first half of Frank Herbert's book. However, there were certain key points that had to be left out of the movie. For instance, the novel's shocking plot twist didn't quite end up in the film. But is it possible that it is being saved for an epic reveal in Dune: Part Two?

In Dune: Part One, Paul Atreides and his mother Lady Jessica managed to escape after the Harkonnens attacked the House of Atreides. The two make it out into the desert where they spend the night in a tent. While Jessica grieves for the death of Duke Leto Atreides, Paul suddenly experiences visions of the future.

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Paul's vision in the film may have pointed him toward a terrifying destiny but it also didn't include one important thing: In the book, Paul actually discovers the secret connection between Baron Harkonnen and himself.

When Paul experiences his vision in the desert, he also sees that the Baron is actually Lady Jessica's unknown father. Because she was raised by the Bene Gesserit, her lineage was kept secret as part of their tradition. The plot twist is a huge shock for readers and it's strange that Villeneuve didn't include it in the adaptation.

So why leave out the secret connection between the protagonist and the antagonist? Some fans are convinced that Villeneuve is saving the revelation for Dune: Part Two. This way, the filmmaker could turn it into a truly game-changing plot twist that will blow the audience's mind.

Dune: Part Two is expected to be told from Chani's point of view, as Villeneuve had planned for the sequel to have Zendaya's character as the protagonist. It is set to be an interesting change from the source material.

The first film, titled Dune: Part One, is still screening in theaters.

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