Dresden Files Author Jim Butcher Has Finished The Finale of Peace Talks

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"Finished the finale of Peace Talks this morning," Butcher tweeted. "Just the wrap-up chapter to go. :) News regarding pub dates as I get it."

Look forward to Butcher's "The End" tweet soon and hopefully an official release date. It's been a long time since Butcher released a Dresden Files novel. The last Dresden Files novel, Skin Game, was published back in 2015. Who knows? Maybe Peace Talks will be out by the end of this year.


Back in April, Butcher revealed two of the characters that will appear in Peace Talks: "I think the readers are going to like this one. We'll get to see a lot of characters we haven't heard from in a while. At the risk of spoilers, there's a great scene with Marcone and King Korb calmly discussing a point of bureaucratic minutiae regarding water rights. It's gonna be wild."

Earlier this year, Jim-Butcher.com explained why it's taking so long to write Peace Talks

No release date has been announced for Peace Talks yet but we'll keep you updated once we hear more about the next Dresden Files book. Jim Butcher is planning to write Book #2 of his Cinder Spires series after he completes Peace Talks. It will be called The Olympian Affair.

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