30 Nov 2018 1:46 PM +00:00 UTC

Dragon Shield Magic Carpet For Magic: The Gathering & Other TCGs Revealed

Dragon Shield has created another awesome product: The Magic Carpet, a high-end, leather-smith-ed deck box that can hold up to seven decks. It also comes with a satin-lined playmat that you can unwrap from the Magic Carpet. According to Dragon Shields, the Magic Carpet can hold up to give Deck Shell boxes, seven Dragon Shield boxes, or 555 sleeved cards. The deck is also magnetically sealed for protection and it's made of the same 'Dragon Skin' leather as the Dragon's Nest box. This is a great box for traveling and perfect to hold your Cube and multiple decks. 

Watch the video above and look forward to our review. 

Are you going to get Dragon Shield's Magic Carpet? 

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