Would Dragon Ball Z's Gravity Training Actually Work? Here's What Scientists Say

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Throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, training has been a huge part of the Z-fighters' lives, and in Dragon Ball Z, Goku and Vegeta spend a lot of time training in the gravity chamber, where the gravity was increased by hundred times over. Now, the official Dragon Ball website recently talked to a group of real scientists to see whether the gravity training from the popular shonen series would work in the real world for humans.

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Credit: Toei Animation

Over on the Twitter, the official account of the Dragon Ball website shared an interview with Professor Yutaka Hirata and scientist and teacher Masayuki Kato about the idea of gravity training of the Z-fighters being used in real life and whether humans could actually endure the intense environments inside a gravity chamber.

According to Professor Hirata, training in high levels of gravity is no walk in the park as he had experienced gravity twice stronger than our normal experiences.

"Maybe so, but I'm telling you 2G is no walk in the park," Hirata siad. "Your bodyweight suddenly doubles, so the strain is immense. Just lifting your arm to scratch your nose is a challenge, and if you don't sit with the right posture, your hips and back start to crumble. And worse, if you aren't careful, the blood flow to your brain slows and you can lose consciousness. We initially started the experiments with 3G, but if all the participants—including me—kept fainting, it would've been pretty hard to make any progress! So, we ended up dropping it to 2G."

They went on to explain that if a human enters a gravity training scenario wherein the gravity was increased by hundreds of times, which became a norm for Goku, Vegeta, and other Z fighters, then a human's bones might start breaking and death is likely.

Hirata went on to explain how the idea of living in a world with higher gravity would make one stronger.

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"I think it's safe to say they would become different over time. If the place you live has stronger gravity, then you need more muscle mass to withstand it. I think beings raised in a high-gravity environment would naturally evolve to become stronger than those raised in a low-gravity one."

There you go, so if you're hoping that humans will invent a real-life gravity chamber in the future, we may want to figure out ways to become as strong as Saiyans to withstand the pressures of high gravity environments.

Would you like to train in higher gravity chambers?


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