Dragon Ball Fan Shares A Look at His Goku PlayStation 5 Controller

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Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball franchise is no stranger to the realm of video games, with recent titles like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and Dragon Ball Fighterz giving fans what they love about the popular shonen franchise. One fan has showed off his Goku-themed PlayStation 5 controller that fans of the heroic Saiyan warrior would love to have.

Dragon Ball Super Goku
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Credit: Toei Animation

Throughout the years, Goku's iconic gi has seen a few alterations, but the color scheme has remained mostly the same, and Twitter user SLO Plays shared his stylish PlayStation 5 controller with a unique paint job that will remind fans of Goku's gi. Check it out:

While this controller may not be able to transform or change colors like the Saiyan could, it looks much better than a lot of the limited-edition PlayStation or Xbox controllers we've seen in recent years.

Throughout the decades, we've seen many fan-made customized items inspired by iconic anime characters like Goku, but we'd like to see more inspired by Vegeta as well. After all, the Saiyan Prince recently powered-up to his new Ultra Ego form, only to be taken down by the lone Cerealian survivor Granolah.

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The next chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga series will be released soon, so be sure to check out the details we know so far here.