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Dragon Ball Super Weekly Anime Reportedly in The Works, But When is It Coming?

Dragon Ball Super is having a great year, thanks to the massive success of its latest feature film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and while manga readers have been waiting for the next arc to begin, fans are wondering when the anime series will return. After all, the anime wrapped with the conclusion of the Universe Survival Saga in July 2022, but Toei Animation hasn't announced any plans to revive the anime. But if rumors are accurate, a weekly anime is on the horizon.

The rumors come from social media, from sources like DBSChronicles and DBS2019. According to their updates, a weekly Dragon Ball anime is in the works, and planning on the project is currently underway. DBS2019's report also suggests that the upcoming anime is currently slated to be announced in "late November 2022/early December 2022".

With Jump Festa 2022 coming this December, many fans are hoping that Shueisha and Toei Animation will have some major announcements for both Dragon Ball Super manga series and a potential new anime project, but until then, these reports are all speculation for now.

If the Dragon Ball Super anime is revived, it's likely that we will see the manga's Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc and Granolah the Survivor Arc get adapted, so we could see Goku, Vegeta, and other Z-Fighters battle Moro soon.

The manga series by Toyotarou and Akira Toriyama is currently in a short hiatus after the conclusion of the Granolah the Survivor Arc in Chapter 87, released in August 2022, but the next arc is expected to begin soon, so expect Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 to come out in a few months.

You can read more details about the potential anime series in everything we know about Dragon Ball Super Season 2 and what's next after Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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