Dragon Ball Super: Goku's Hilarious Name For Vegeta's Ultra Ego Revealed

Warning: Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 ahead.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78, Gas' Wish, recently arrived, giving readers a look at the Heeters summoning the Eternal Dragon of planet and making the wish to make Gas the "strongest warrior in the universe". The chapter focuses on Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah's conflict with the power-boosted villain, and even though Vegeta's Ultra Ego transformation doesn't appear in the latest chapter, we get to see Goku make a hilarious name for the Saiyan Prince's powerful transformation.

Ultra Ego Vegeta
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Ultra Ego Vegeta

In the action-packed chapter, Gas shows his incredible power by unleashing various attacks against Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah, even manifesting different weapons that he uses to hit the Saiyans and the Cerealian bounty hunter.

With Gas dominating the fight, Goku and Vegeta hatch a plan to get the Senzu Bean from Vegeta's armor, with Goku telling him how they could take down Gas:

"You can transform into freaky-face mode again and beat Gas!"

Of course, Vegeta is annoyed to hear Goku give his Ultra Ego transformation a silly name, correcting him with the right term: "Freaky-face mode? It's called Ultra Ego, you fool!"

It's nice to see a bit of comic relief in a seriously intense fight of the Granolah the Survivor Arc, and it's not surprising to hear Goku say something hilarious like that.

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However, it looks like Vegeta won't transform back into his Ultra Ego form anytime soon, as the end of the chapter revealed that he decides to give the Senzu Bean to Granolah so the lone Cerealian survivor will be the one who will settle his grudge with his own strength.

The next Dragon Ball Super chapter will likely showcase Granolah's renewed strength, but will it be enough to take down Gas? We'll have to find out when the new chapter comes out next month.

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