Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Spoilers, Release Date & Time: Bardock's Past Continues

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Shueisha and Viz Media have been releasing a new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga series by Toyatarou and Akira Toriyama monthly, and after Chapter 77 was released in October 2021, fans are excited to find out how the next chapter will continue the Granolah the Survivor saga.

Credit: Toei Animation

Granolah the Survivor Saga is a revenge-driven story about Granolah, the lone survivor of the Cerealian race whose main goal is to kill Frieza to avenge the extermination of his race. However, the space crime snydicate known as the Heeters are able to convince Granolah that the Saiyans too are responsible for the tragic past of his race, so now, Monaito is telling Granolah what happened 40 years ago, and how a Saiyan named Bardock saved them in planet Cerael.

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What spoilers have been revealed for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78?


In the previous chapter, Monaito reveals the truth about Granolah's past and how Goku's father, Bardock, saved them 40 years ago. It turns out that Bardock tried to hide the young Granolah, Muezli (Granolah's mother), and Monaito from the other Saiyans and the rest of Frieza's army, including the villainous Heeter Force.

After Granolah made noise, the Heeters were able to detect where Bardock and company were, and although they spared Granolah, Elec kills Muesli by shooting his gun at her. Bardock angrily attacks the Heeters but Gas was able to create a protective orb. Bardock takes advantage of the smoke, so he can hide with Granolah and Monaito in the forest.


It looks like Monaito's story isn't over yet, and the next chapter will most likely continue how Bardock saved Granolah and Monaito.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 is titled Gas' Wish.

Here's the first draft page for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78:

Update: More previews for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 have been shared on social media, revealing a look at Super Saiyan Bardock.

Draft sketches also revealed that the Heeters have gathered all seven Dragon Balls and summoned the dragon Shenron to make a wish. Meanwhile, Goku, Vegeta, Granolah, and Monaito noticed the sky darken in planet Cereal - a sign that the dragon has been summoned.

Monaito also reveals that even though Bardock was able to beat Gas 40 years ago, he was incredibly strong. It looks like the chapter will end with Gas making a wish.

Major spoilers have already been leaked on social media, revealing the new strongest warrior in the universe.

Gas wishes to become the strongest warrior in the universe, and because the wish was made after Granolah's, by logic, the Heeter Force's powerful villain is now the strongest warrior in the universe. Elec says that fulfilling Gas' wish is the only way for them to fulfill their objectives.

The Heeter Force arrive in planet Cereal with plans to finish off Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta to avoid them from interfering with their plans. Granolah is upset because he's been working for the Heeter Force for years, and asks Monaito why, and the Namekian explains that it's the only way for them to survive.

Goku is angry at the Heeter Force for everything they have done. Macki reveals that the true strongest warrior in the universe is Gas. Everyone is surprised to see him. He no longer looks like a child; he has an adult body with marked muscles.

Gas Dragon Ball Super
Credit: Shueisha
Gas Dragon Ball Super

Gas is able to create a spear with four points and throws it at Granolah, who cannot dodge it; The spear dig into Granolah's shoulders and thighs, leaving him immobilized. Gas tells Granolah that he has never liked him, and that they no longer need him at all.

When Gas is about to kill Granolah, Goku tries to stop Gas, but Gas creates cubes on Goku's wrists and ankles that make him fall to the ground.

Gas tells Goku that he has the same face as the Saiyan he met in the past, and the villain asks him if that Saiyan is still alive. Vegeta tells Gas that the Saiyans were annhilated by Frieza and that only a few of them survive. Macki says that they will eliminate the garbage that was left by Frieza.

Goku wonders why they are going to kill them, since the Saiyans haven't done anything against them, and Gas says that they want to eliminate them along with Granolah, so no one can interfere with their plans.

Gas creates an ax and is about to cut Goku but Granolah attacks him from behind. The Cerealian was able to get out of the spear thanks to Monaito. Granolah tells Gas that he is still the strongest warrior in the universe. Gas attacks Granolah with a spiked mace, and hits him in the face. Gas is still hitting Granolah with the mace, but Granolah is still up on his feet, trying to fight.

Monaito removes the cubes created by Gas' powers. Granolah asks Gas how they knew that he and Monaito are alive, and Gas tells him taht they found out years after the attack on planet Cereal, and that when they found out, Granolah was already a bounty hunter. Elec said that it would be a shame to kill someone like him and that it was better to make Granolah work for them.

A flashback begins: A young Granolah trains his marksmanship in the forest while Elec and Gas talk to Monaito. Elec asks Monaito if Granolah is the rumored bounty hunter that people talk about, and Monaito tells him not to do anything to his son.


Elec asks Monaito why he hasn't told Granolah what happened to his mother, and Monaito tells him that if he had done it, Granolah would have challenged Elec and Granolah would die. Elec says that it was a wise decision, and Elec calls Granolah and tells him that if he wants to work for him, he could earn a lot of money and get off the planet. The flashback ends.

Monaito tells Goku that he acted badly at that time, and that he should have faced Elec even if that would have meant his death. Then he says that he's a useless Namekian, since he can't help Goku regain his strength.

With Gas dominating the fight, Goku and Vegeta hatch a plan to get the Senzu Bean from Vegeta's armor, with Goku telling him how they could take down Gas: "You can transform into freaky-face mode again and beat Gas!"

Vegeta is annoyed to hear Goku give his Ultra Ego transformation a silly name, correcting him with the right term: "Freaky-face mode? It's called Ultra Ego, you fool!"

Then Granolah falls near then, and he has been defeated. Goku thanks Monaito for treating his wounds. Goku tells Vegeta to recover his armor while he fights Gas. Goku says that if the Senzu Bean is still there, Vegeta should eat it because he already ate one.

Vegeta accepts and tells him to hold on. Goku tells Vegeta that when he recovers, he must transform into that scary face's form and defeat Gas. Vegeta looks upset because he thinks Goku is making fun of his secret technique.

Goku arrives where Gas is to fight him, and Gas creates a sword connected to his fist and attacks Goku. Goku tansforms into SSJ Blue and destroys Gas' weapon. He attacks him but Gas creates a shield that stops Goku's attacks.


Goku throws a blast of Ki at him but Gas dodges it and hits Goku on the head with a huge hammer. Macki mocks that Saiyans, saying they don't understand yet that Gas is now the strongest warrior in the universe. Oil realizes that Vegeta has disappeared.

Vegeta finds the armor, and sees that the Senzu Bean is still there. However, he doesn't eat it.

Gas continues to fight Goku, and Gas creates a rope with weights, making Goku return to his normal form.

Vegeta goes to where Granolah is and tells him to get up and eat the Senzu Bean. Granolah asks him what it is, and Vegeta says that if he eats the bean, he will recover all his strength. Granolah tells Vegeta to eat it, since he is very powerful, but Vegeta refuses and tells him that he must be the one who defeats the villains with his own strength.

Update: Now that the new chapter is out, these spoiler details are confirmed.

When will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 be released?

Credit: Shueisha

Update: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 was released early, on November 19.

Where can I read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78?

Granolah Vegeta
Credit: Shueisha
Granolah Vegeta

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