Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Promo Reveals Son Gohan's 'Weirdest Form' Yet

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The hype for Dragon Ball Super continues to soar this month as Toei Animation ramps up the promotion for its big return to the big screen. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was originally set to release in theaters in Japan this month but it was delayed due to the Toei Animation hack, and the studio hasn't announced a new release date yet. However, there's been a lot of buzz about the movie since the announcement, and now, a new promo reveals Gohan's "weirdest form" yet.

The Japanese chain Lawson has partnered up with Dragon Ball Super to promote its feature film, and that's why the store is advertising its yummy foods with a Super Saiyan Chicken.

As you can see below, Lawson's food containers features Gohan, but instead of showing the Saiyan's buff build or his new ultimate form that fans can expect to see in the movie, Lawson's containers bring Gohan to life as a chicken. The chain's mascot Karage-kun is learning what it's like to be a Z-Fighter.

Lawson's mascot looks badass in his Gohan cosplay. The mean-looking chicken is rocking the iconic golden Super Saiyan hair, and his beak is also died to match. Karage-kun is also donning Gohan's blue-red training gear that we'll see the Saiyan wear in the movie. Hopefully, we'll see other characters like Piccolo, Pan, Krillin, Goten, and Trunks get their own weird promos. It's likely that we will see more promos for the highly anticipated shonen film leading up to its release.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero doesn't have a new Japanese theatrical release date yet. The shonen movie is slated to release in North American theaters this summer, but there's still no word on whether or not the hack affected its release schedule.


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