Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Will Debut Son Gohan's Powerful New Form

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was just released in theaters in Japan, and major spoilers from the highly-anticipated shonen movie have already been leaked online. The film's release marks the anime's major comeback, and many fans over in Japan are already watching the intense conflict between the Z-Fighters and the newly-revived Red Ribbon Army, the villainous criminal organization introduced in Akira Toriyama's original Dragon Ball series.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

As the promos for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero have revealed, the movie will put Son Gohan and Piccolo in the spotlight while Goku and Vegeta are taking care of matters outside of Earth. The Red Ribbon Army's new androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 will play major roles in the conflict as Goku's son and the strongest Namekian in the universe will battle them out, but there's a bigger threat they have to deal with.

Cell Max, a giant form of the iconic villain Cell from the Dragon Ball Z series, will be the main villain of the movie, and based on the spoilers leaked, it looks like the powerful villain will overwhelm Gohan and the rest of the Z-Fighters. This will reportedly pressure Gohan to unlock a powerful new form called "Final Gohan".

As DBS Chronicles leaked, Gohan's new transformation will give him white hair, red eyes, and SSJ hair (bangs in air).

Series creator Akira Toriyama originally designed Super Saiyans with red eyes, and it's exciting to see Gohan take the spotlight in the popular shonen franchise once again. Toei Animation hasn't shared an official look at "Final Gohan" or Cell Max but with more fans heading to theaters in Japan this weekend, expect more leaks soon.

Here's Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's new official synopsis:

"The Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Son Goku. Individuals, who carry on its spirit, have created the ultimate Androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These two Androids call themselves "Super Heroes". They start attacking Piccolo and Gohan... What is the New Red Ribbon Army's objective? In the face of approaching danger, it is time to awaken, Super Hero."

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is scheduled to release in Japanese theaters this Saturday, June 11, 2022, and it's reportedly hitting theaters in North America on August 19, and other regions this summer.

You can read more details about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in our dedicated article.

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