Dragon Ball Super Shows Sneak-Peek at Chapter at Chapter 59

It's been a long time since fans have watched a new anime episode of Dragon Ball Super, but Toyotaro and series creator Akira Toriyama are continuing its story with the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc. V-Jump will soon release the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super, and now, a sneak-peek of Chapter 59 has been released to get fans hyped.

The official Dragon Ball website in Japan released the whole teaser, and the sneak-peek shows a draft which Toyotaro sketched for Chapter 59 long before the final copy was penned. It also reveals some spoilers, so consider this a warning.

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Credit: Toei Animation

Twitter user DBSChronicles shared a translation of the sneak-peek, revealing Goku unleashing his Ultra Instinct form at will against the powerful villain, Moro. The last time we've seen Goku transform into Ultra Instinct was when he was fighting against Jiren in the Tournament of Power, but unlike the previous arc, Goku can now unleash the powerful form at will, and now it looks like Moro is surprised to see him dodge multiple attacks. Check out the sneak-peek below:

As you can see, Piccolo is amazed by Goku's Ultra Instinct power, and the Namekian confirms that Goku can in fact summon his powerful form at will.

Chapter 59 will probably see Goku dominating the battle, but I don't think this will end soon. Moro will most likely unleash a power-up that could combat Goku's Ultra Instinct form.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59 will be released soon. You can read it for at vizmedia.

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