16 Mar 2020 11:59 AM +00:00 UTC

Dragon Ball Super Shows First Look at New Chapter With Storyboards

The Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga series has been well-received by fans and critics as it continues the story after the point the anime series ended. Now, manga readers have been hyped to read every chapter of the series, and Chapter 58 will be released soon, but the draft pages from the upcoming chapter have surfaced online, giving us a look at how Goku's return in Earth will affect the battle between the Z Fighters and Moro's team.

Twitter user @DBSHype shared the draft pages revealing how Goku's arrival in Earth changes the nature of battles with the Z Fighters. As you can see in the tweets below, it looks like Goku is saving the day once again, which reminds of the Dragon Ball Z's Saiyan Saga. We might finally see results of Goku's training in the upcoming chapter, but I hope his return doesn't diminish the spotlight for other characters.

Twitter user @peraperayume also provided English translations of the draft pages, but note that this is just a draft.

Although it's likely that these scenes will be featured in the final draft of the new chapter, it's possible that changes are made before the official release.

What do you think will happen in the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super? Let us know in the comments section below.

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