Dragon Ball Super Name-Drops Legendary Super Saiyan

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There's an understandable amount of hype for December's Dragon Ball Super: Broly, with plenty of people excited to see the Legendary Super Saiyan get introduced to the main canon. Sadly, the anime didn't really do anything to hype up the character's appearance in the new movie but it looks like the manga is going to make up for that.

In the latest chapter of the manga, Kale has reached her Broly-like Super Saiyan form and is making mincemeat out of the competition. She single-handedly eliminates universes on her own but then starts attacking her own teammates. Kale can't be controlled, with Caulifla and Cabba wondering what's wrong with her.


Cabba then wonders if Kale is the Legendary Super Saiyan, which was never mentioned in the anime. Caulifla is also familiar with the term, saying that it's a demonic Saiyan that pops up once every 1000 years. However, Cabba says that the legend has these demonic Saiyans fight until they "self-destruct," which worries Caulifla.

While only a small bit of world-building, it is nice to see Super fully embrace the Legendary Super Saiyan myth that was once not canon. They only ever called Kale's power up in the anime something like "ultra superpower," which is nowhere near as cool.

Fans can catch up on the Dragon Ball Super manga through VIZ Media. Dragon Ball Super: Broly comes out in Japan on December 14 and the United States on January.

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