Dragon Ball Super Movie Gets New Promotional Ad

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The anime might be over but fans of Dragon Ball Super still have a movie coming out later this year. Not much information has been released, though we do know that Goku will be taking on another Saiyan and that the film could detail the mythology of Super Saiyans or the Super Saiyan God.

Unfortunately, we still don't have a new trailer or still to show but a new promo ad for the film has been released. It's not too new, basically choosing various stills from the short teaser trailer that was shown a while back but we do get some cool images. One thing that we are sure about this film is that it will be beautiful.

Rumor has it that the film will not only detail the origins of the Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan God but also the relationship this race has had with Frieza. Episode of Bardock revealed that one of Frieza's ancestors tried to take over the Saiyan race before but we aren't sure if it is considered canon. Maybe we'll finally know the name of Frieza's race?


Some fans have also speculated that the mobile game Dragon Ball Legendswill tie-in to the film. The villain Goku faces off with does look a bit similar to the original character revealed for the mobile game. Only time will tell if the two are connected.

Dragon Ball Super: The Movie comes out on December 14.

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