Dragon Ball Super: Goku Goes Full Spider-man in His Latest Battle

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81.

In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, titled Goku's Conflict, Gas critically injures the lone Cerealian survivor with the help of his manipulative brother, Elec. After unleashing his most powerful form, Gas is able to break Granolah's arms, blind him with laser blasts in both eyes, and letting Heeters leader Elec shoot him in the back, point-black!

Goku and Vegeta are being held down by Gas's gravity-pulling powers, so they couldn't do anything to help Granolah, but Vegeta makes a self-sacrifice for Goku by giving his Saiyan buddy the last of his energy. Charged up, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and steps in the battle to fight Gas, who's now the Strongest Warrior in the Universe, thanks to the wish the Heeters made with the Dragon Balls. By logic, Gas becomes the Strongest Warrior in the Universe because he wished it after Granolah made the wish.

Spider-man Goku
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Spider-man Goku

However, Goku struggles to defend himself against everything Gas is throwing at him with his telekinetic abilities: from spiked surfaces to city structures.As Goku dodges and hops the oncoming structures Gas hurls at him, he gets a big surprise when Gas brings out an entire bullet train that made Goku go full Spider-Man.

As Twitter user @SaladSaiyan pointed out, Goku's moves seem to take pages from director Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 film. This reminds us of the scene when Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man fights Doctor Octopus in the movie, as Goku poses like the web-crawler on top of a projectile and blocks the front of the train with his body.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 is now available to read on Viz Media. You can read more details about the latest chapter here.

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