Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Shows Off Gas's Insane Powers

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 finally arrived on Sunday, showing fans how Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah's battle against Gas in Planet Cereal continues. Titled Goku's Conflictkes , the latest manga chapter written by Akira Toriyama with art from Toyotarou shows off Gas's overwhelming powers as he critically injures Granolah, breaking his arms, and getting shot by Elec from behind. Goku steps in to fight the "Strongest Warrior in the Universe" but even the heroic Saiyan is struggling to fight the overpowered villain.

Dragon Ball Super Gas
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Credit: Shueisha
Dragon Ball Super Gas

In the previous chapter, Gas, with the help of Elec, was able to unleash his most powerful form, being able to fully control the overwhelming power that was sealed to tame him, but now, the villain who fought Goku's father Bardock forty years ago, isn't holding back in his battle against Granolah and Goku in the latest chapter.

With ease and Elec's assistance, Gas is able to take down Granolah, and when Goku steps in to fight him, the Saiyan immediately transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue form. Gas conjures surfaces with spikes in an effort to crush Goku. Gas is also able to throw large and heavy objects such as parts of architecture from a city, a bullet train aimed to hit Goku hard, and a large mass of water that drowns Goku.

After seeing Granolah being healed by Monaito, Gas attempts to finish him off, but Goku is able to save him by using his Instant Transmission technique to teleport him away to another planet.

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This chapter truly showed the extent of Gas's powers, and the biggest question now is: How will Goku defeat the "Strongest Warrior in the Universe"?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 is now available to read on Viz Media. For more details about this chapter, check out the full spoilers here.

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