Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 Preview Gives Goku and Vegeta A New Wardrobe Change

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Dragon Ball Super is getting ready to release its next chapter for this month as the monthly manga series by series creator Akira Toriyama and artist Toyotarou is approaching the end of the Granolah the Survivor Arc. The first preview for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 has been revealed, and it gives Goku and Vegeta a new wardrobe that shows the pride of the Saiyan race.

Goku Vegeta Dragon Ball Super
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Credit: Toei Animation
Goku Vegeta Dragon Ball Super

After all, the title of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 is The Pride of the Warrior Race, and its early draft pages show us why. Now that Monaito has shared Bardock's memories via the Saiyan's scouter that revealed how Goku's father defeated the Gas of the Heeter Force in Planet Cereal forty years ago, it looks like the story shifts back to the present, with Goku getting ready to fight the powerful villain that his father fought before.

The official Dragon Ball website released the first draft pages for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84, and Twitter user @DBSChronicles has shared an English translation of the first preview.

The chapter will continue the flashback of Bardock after he defeated Gas, and it looks like he and Goku's mother is doing what they need to do to save their son. Back to the present, the memory clearly makes Goku and Vegeta realize that Saiyan pride is not always to atone for the sins or about revenge, but it's about accepting one's true self.

Monaito heals both Goku and Vegeta and gives them wardrobes that remind them of their Saiyan pride. As you can see above, they're wearing the iconic Saiyan armors, the same kind that Bardock wore during his battle against Gas.

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The next draft page reveals that Gas is coming, and it looks like the battle against the Strongest Warrior in the Universe is about to reach its climax, and Goku and Vegeta have found renewed strength thanks to Bardock's legacy.


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 is set to release on Thursday, May 19, 2022. You can read more spoiler details for the upcoming chapter here.

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