Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 Reveals Bardock vs. Gas Fight

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82: Bardock vs. Gas promises to continue what happened in planet Cereal 40 years ago as Monaito remembers. Goku's father, Bardock fought the villainous Gas to protect both Monaito and Granolah, the lone Cerealian survivor, and now, history is repeating itself with Goku fighting Gas, who's now more powerful than ever thanks to the Dragon Balls granting the Heeters' wish to make him the Strongest Warrior in the Universe. A new preview for the latest chapter features more flashback of Bardock's conflict with Gas, and it looks like the villain gave Bardock a difficult time.

Gas vs Bardock anime
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Gas vs Bardock anime

Over on Twitter, @DBSChronicles shared an English translation of preview pages for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 written by Akira Toriyama and with art by Toyotarou, and it begins with Monaito and a young sleeping Granolah watching the Bardock vs. Gas battle in the sky.

We also get a glimpse of the present with Goku envisioning his parents telling him to survive no matter what. Then we get a look at Bardock seeing an explosion from a distance, and Gas shows up once again, telling Goku's father that they can't escape him. Bardock calls Gas "a monster", and looks distressed to see that his attack had no effect on the villain.

Gas tells Bardock that they should get this done quickly as he can't afford to lose Elec's reputation in a place like this, and that Elec ordered him not to waste any more time.

The latest chapter also sees the return of Monaka, the slender red alien that Beerus used as a motivation for Goku back when Universe 7 had a tournament with Champa and the fighters of Universe 6.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 is expected to release on Sunday, March 20, 2022. You can read more details about the upcoming chapter here.

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