Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 First Look Teases 'Goku's Conflict'

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A new manga chapter of Dragon Ball Super is arriving in just a few days, and fans are excited to find out how the Granolah the Survivor Arc will continue the intense fight against the powerful villain, Gas.

Today, we get our first look of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81, and it reveals that the title of the new chapter is Goku's Conflict. Over on Twitter, user DBSChronicles shared the draft pages of what appears to be the Chapter 81's first two pages. As expected, the new chapter picks up where the last one left off, with Granolah giving everything he's got to try to take down Gas, but the powerful villain has no signs of any weakness.

Check out the draft pages in the tweet below:

As you can see, Granolah is pissed at the Heeters for killing his mother and the rest of the Cerealian race. While Gas is currently the biggest threat in Planet Cereal, Elec is the mastermind here, telling the lone Cerealian survivor that he's his savior after letting him live and employing him as a mercenary.

Although we get to see some action and emotion in these early draft pages, it's still unclear why the manga's title is "Goku's Conflict". Perhaps, the heroic Saiyan will step it up and make a critical choice in order to defeat Gas. It looks like Goku might unleash his Ultra Instinct form again in order to defeat Gas, but will that transformation be powerful enough to stop him? It would be surprising to see Goku and Vegeta fuse, but that probably won't happen.

It's likely we will see more major spoilers ahead of the chapter's release, so stay tuned.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 is expected to release on Monday, Feb. 21, 2022. You will be able to read it on Viz Media, and you can check out more details about the upcoming chapter here.


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