Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Sneak Peek Revealed

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Dragon Ball Super continues to hype fans this month. In addition to the shonen franchise's panel at Jump Festa 2021, a brand new manga chapter will be released, continuing the Granolah the Survivor Arc of the series.

Credit: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 179

In the previous chapter, Granolah has become an ally to Goku and Vegeta after discovering that it was the Heeters who were responsible for the death of his mother, Muesli. The Heeters become more problematic when they gather the Dragon Balls to wish to make Gas the strongest warrior in the universe. Now, Granolah must summon the strength to recover so he could fight Gas. Now, a sneak peek for Chapter 79 has been revealed, giving us an early look at the continuation of Granolah and Vegeta's scene from Chapter 78.

Earlier today, the official Dragon Ball website shared a sneak-peek for the upcoming manga chapter. The website announced that more drafts would be released at 10 a.m.m JST tomorrow, but now, we can take a look at a sneak-peek. Twitter outlet DBSChronicles shared a translation of the sketch that was shared, and it features Vegeta telling Granolah to hurry up after offering him to take the Senzu Bean, so he can fully recover and fight a power-boosted Gas.


While Goku is fighting Gas alone, Vegeta is offering Granolah the only Senzu Bean left, and as you can see, the pair are no longer on the main battlefield. It looks like there's not much time left for Granolah to recover, but this chapter will likely show him taking the Senzu Bean and powering-up to fight Gas.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 is expected to go live on Monday, December 20. You can check out more details about this month's chapter here.