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Dragon Ball Super Teases Elec's Mysterious Urgent Business

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 is almost here, and the official Dragon Ball website has shared some early draft sketches for the upcoming chapter, which is titled Gas vs. Granolah. Gas recently became the strongest warrior in the universe thanks to the wish the Heeters made after gathering the seven Dragon Balls of planet Cereal, and now, it's up to Granolah to challenge the powerful villain.

Dragon Ball Super - Gas
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Credit: Shueisha
Dragon Ball Super - Gas

In the previous chapter, Vegeta offers Granolah a Senzu Bean so he can fully recover, and fight Gas, but it looks like the upcoming chapter won't just feature their battle. It turns out that Elec, the leader of the space crime syndicate known as the Heeter Force, has another "urgent business" to attend, but the draft sketches haven't revealed what that business is.

According to the English translation made by Twitter user Herms98, Elec decides to keep the ship where it is rather than head to the battlefield, and says that the reason is because he doesn't want to get dust in his wine. However, another draft page reveals that Elec has another reason: an urgent business.

It's likely that there are bigger threats building up while Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah are busy trying to take down the power-boosted Gas. It's still unclear what Elec's urgent business is, but fans can speculate that it may have something to do with Frieza. However, we still don't know if we will find out the answer in Chapter 79. It's likely that this chapter will end with another exciting cliffhanger.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 is expected to release on Monday, December 20. You can check out more details about this month's chapter here.

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