Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 Reveals Frieza's New Form

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87: The Universe's Strongest Revealed was just released today, giving fans a look at the final moments of the dragged-out battle against Gas of the Heeter Force. After Granolah seemingly takes him down in the previous chaper, it turns out that the powerful villain has one final (and dying) form that gives Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah a rough time despite Goku unleashing his Ultra Instinct form and Vegeta unleashing his Ultra Ego form. But that's not the most surprising part of this chapter.

Black Frieza
Credit: Shueisha
Black Frieza

The chapter reveals that the person Elec called to Planet Cereal is actually Frieza, who kills Gas easily with a single attack. Everyone is shocked to see how Frieza is able to kill Gas without any challenge.


Elec, who is noticeably worried, starts telling Frieza that he had called him here by mistake. Frieza tells Elec that he knew about the Heeters' plan to betray him, insulting Elec's strength. The leader of the Heeters tries to attack Frieza but is dispatched in seconds.

When Goku asks Frieza how he managed to kill Gas, who managed to become the strongest warrior in the universe, Frieza tells Goku and Vegeta that he's been training in an another dimension, a chamber where time flows differently, so he was able to squeeze 10 years of training within a shorter time. He says that he couldn't stand losing to Saiyans, so he needed a power-up.

Frieza reveals that he's able to achieve a new form called "Black Frieza", and it's clear that Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta are no match to Frieza's powerful new form.


Frieza clearly managed to surpass both Goku and Vegeta, and it looks like his arrival concludes the Granolah the Survivor Arc. How will Goku and Vegeta manage to surpass Frieza again? The next arc will probably involve the iconic villain, but it's still unclear what it will focus on.

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