Dragon Ball Super: Broly Will Have New Worlds Along With Planet Vegeta

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Fans were already ecstatic when it was revealed that Dragon Ball Super: Broly will explore more of Planet Vegeta. The planet of the Saiyan race has rarely been explored outside of the original Bardock special that came out more than a decade ago. That's not all though, as an interview with the film's art directors has confirmed more worlds will be in the movie.

One of those new worlds is Planet Banba, which will supposedly be the third most important planet in the movie with Planet Vegeta and Earth obviously taking the top spots. Banba will have large valleys and creature-infested lakes, which should make our heroes visit there interesting, assuming that happens at all. It could be a Broly flashback for all we know.

Having Banba and Vegeta in this movie means we will likely get more world-building here than in most Dragon Ball movies. Battle of Gods is the last film that truly expanded the franchise's universe so having new planets that have yet to be explored is great. Add the origin of Broly and this should be one hell of a movie.

Those that want action need not worry, as the trailers have shown us the battles Broly will have with Goku, Vegeta, and Freeza. We might even get Gogeta, though that's just a rumor right now.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly comes out in Japan on December 14, while the Americas will get it in January.

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