Dragon Ball Super: The Origin of Broly's Second Outfit Revealed

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Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Super: Broly officially made Broly a part of the series canon with a new background, design, and personality from series creator Akira Toriyama. Although the film provided an explanation for Broly's new look, some were left for fans to find out, and now, a fan has discovered a surprising connection between the adult Broly's new look and Beets.

As @InfernoDBZ pointed out on Twitter, the fact that Broly wore a pair of pants when he was discovered on Vampa was left unexplained but since Paragus killed Beets when it was clear that the three of them were going to be stranded on Vampa, he removed the clothes of the dead Saiyan and later gave the pants to Broly.


The green fur around Broly's waist is also explored in the film. Broly explains that his fur came from one of the giant monsters on Vampa. He became friends with a creature named Bah but one day, Paragus shoots off Bah's ear, and since then, Bah no longer trusted Broly so Broly kept Bah's ear around his waist as a reminder of the friend he used to have.

Synopsis of Dragon Ball Super Broly:

"A planet destroyed, a powerful race reduced to nothing. After the devastation of Planet Vegeta, three Saiyans were scattered among the stars, destined for different fates. While two found a home on Earth, the third was raised with a burning desire for vengeance and developed an unbelievable power. And the time for revenge has come. Destinies collide in a battle that will shake the universe to its very core! Goku is back to training hard so he can face the most powerful foes the universes have to offer, and Vegeta is keeping up right beside him. But when they suddenly find themselves against an unknown Saiyan, they discover a terrible, destructive force. Locked into battle with the formidable Broly, Goku and Vegeta face their most dangerous opponent yet!"

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is now showing in select theaters.

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