Dr. Stone Manga Reportedly Has a Few Chapters Left Before it Ends

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With a successful anime series following Senku Ishigami and his life after the world is shackled in stones, the manga series of Dr. Stone has an amazing track record but it reportedly has a few chapters left as its name is ringing all the bells that it might be ending sooner rather than later.

Is Dr. Stone Manga Ending?
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Is Dr. Stone Manga Ending?

From a well-known fan page on Twitter, WSJ_manga, reports surfaced that the beloved manga series, Dr. Stone, is about to end next week and fans were taken by surprise as to how abrupt it is from happening if it is true. If so, this would be out on Weekly Shonen Jump #14 and to have everything that Dr. Stone would need to formally close the curtains, an extended chapter is expected to do so.

While there is no official news yet from the people behind the manga of Dr. Stone or from any party involved in the said matter, the rumor led the fans to expect an update about the manga series ending to be announced in the Weekly Shonen Jump issue coming out this weekend.

The manga series of Dr. Stone has many arcs which are divided into various Sagas: The Prologue Saga, Ishigami Village Saga, Stone Wars Saga, Source of the Petrification Saga, and The Truth Of The Petrification Saga. The current direction of the story, however, seems to indicate that it might be ending soon as the arc where it is now addressed who the main villain is and only a few gaps are needed to be filled out.

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Dr. Stone is a shōnen manga series by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi which is published in the Weekly Shonen Jump. The show is based on the pages of the manga series which started in March of 2017. It follows the story of the genius, Senku Ishigami, who woke up in a world returned to the stone age and his goal is to free the rest of humanity from their stone enclosures.

Expect an announcement soon whether Dr. Stone is really ending as it may appear on this weekend’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The anime series is available on Funimation and Crunchyroll.


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