19 May 2019 12:59 PM +00:00 UTC

Doom Patrol Season 1 Finale Trailer Teases Classic Costumes, Robotman's Plan To Defeat Mr. Nobody

It's hard to imagine that the first season (yes, we are expecting a second one) of Doom Patrol is coming to an end, yet here we are. The teaser for the season finale has just been released and it teases the entire team in their classic comic book costumes. In addition to that, Robotman has an awesome plan to defeat Mr. Nobody.

The teaser opens with a shot of Dr. Niles Caulder still in the strange dimension. Mr. Nobody also issues a challenge to the team: "You bozos want the Chief, come and get him."

But how exactly are they going to do that? Rita Farr certainly wants to know. "What exactly is the plan here?" she asks her companions. Cliff Steele has a brilliant idea. "Send a text to Batman," he suggests.


Although we're certainly open to seeing the Dark Knight in Doom Patrol, it looks like these guys are on their own. On a lighter note, they appear to have found their classic costumes from the comic books so there is little doubt the finale is going to be awesome.

The 15th episode of Doom Patrol is titled Ezekiel Patrol, which also hints at the doomsday prophet cockroach playing a larger role in the season finale. If an earlier form of the teaser is any hint, it could be that Ezekiel could finally become a god. That in itself is certainly reason to watch this episode.

The short description of the episode also states that "the Doom Patrol go their separate ways in the season finale". We're not ready for it, but hey, that doesn't mean we're not looking forward to these guys defeating Mr. Nobody.

The Doom Patrol Season 1 finale will air on DC Universe on May 24.

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