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Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro: Every Character's Age, Height, and Birthday

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro: Every Character's Age, Height and Birthday Nagatoro
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There aren't many characters in Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro because it's a comedy, slice-of-life, and romance anime. However, each one of them is unique and interesting on its own. To get to know them better, we've gone into detail about every character's age, height, and birthday in Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro!

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How Old Is Nagatoro?

The very sadistic, energetic, and popular Hayase Nagatoro is currently 16 years old. In the first season of Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro, she was only 15 years old.

Nagatoro was born on April 1st, making her an Aries woman, represented by the ram. She stands at 150 cm (4'11") tall. Her hair is black, but her eyes are amber-maroon.

She is also the family's youngest member, with Misaki as her older sister and Taiga as her older brother.

Despite being in the same school year, she is the youngest in her group of friends.

How Old is Nagatoro? Nagatoro
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Credit: OLM

Nagatoro was a member of Class 1-C during her freshman year, and Class 2-A during her sophomore year.

Swimming, going to Gamou's Fighting Gym, watching horror and vampire movies, drinking tomato juice, and eating spicy food like curry and ramen are among her interests.

Unbeknownst to others, Nagatoro is academically competent despite her proclivity to procrastinate and hang out with Senpai in the art club.

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How Old Is Naoto?

Naoto Hachiouji, also known as Senpai by fans, is currently 16 to 17 years old, as he is in his junior year. However, Senpai is only 15 to 16 years old in the first season.

He was born on May 10, so his astrological sign is Taurus. He is 176 cm (5'9'') taller than Nagatoro, who is only 150 cm (4'11) tall. Both his eyes and his hair are brown.

How Old is Naoto? Naoto
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Credit: OLM

Naoto, unlike Nagatoro, is the sole child of an unnamed father and mother. His surname is literally translated as "eight princes," but it could also be a direct reference to Hachioji Station in Tokyo, whereas his first name, Naoto, means straight person.

Among Naoto's interests are reading manga, playing video games, sketching, and cooking.

He also enjoys yakisoba, tamagoyaki, orange juice, karaage, and ramen, but, unlike Nagatoro, he does not enjoy horror films or spicy food.

How Old Is Gamo-chan?

Maki Gamou, or simply Gamo-chan, is Nagatoro's best friend and the ringleader of their group of friends.

She has the most in common with Nagatoro in terms of personality, as they are both confident, popular, and aggressive girls.

Gamo-chan was 15–16 years old when she was in Class 1-C, but she is now 16-17 years old in Class 2-A.

Her astrological sign is Gemini because she was born on June 15th. Her height is 168 cm (5'6"), and her eyes and hair are both oranges in color.

How Old is Gamou-chan? Maki Gamou
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Credit: OLM

Gamo-chan is the family's eldest child and also works as a part-time trainer at their own Fighting Gym. With this in mind, Gamo-chan and Nagatoro both joined the Judo Club at school.

Her interests include cooking, anything about Kenshi Yonezu and the Shinsengumi, and watching horror movies.

She enjoys karaage, chips, yaki udon, donuts, coffee, and spicy foods.

How Old Is Yoshi?

Yoshi is a standout character among Nagatoro's friends due to her childlike behavior and simple-mindedness. She also serves as a sidekick to Gamo-chan whenever they make fun of Naoto and Nagatoro's relationship.

Yoshi is 16-17 years old, and like Gamo-chan, she was 15-16 years old in the first season of Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro.

She was born on November 23, so her astrological sign is Sagittarius. She is 160 cm (5'3") tall, with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes.

She is an only child who lives with her parents and grandparents.

How Old is Yoshi? Yoshi
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Credit: OLM

Her name is said to be a direct reference to the fictional character Yoshi from the Super Mario franchise.

Yoshi's interests, on the other hand, include anything related to the pop trio YabaT, taking care of dogs, and collecting plushies.

Karaage, tuna and eel rolls, panda-shaped cookies, orange juice, and hamburgers are among her favorite foods!

How Old Is Sakura?

Unlike Nagatoro's other friends, Sakura is a very sweet and flirtatious young girl with a gyaru (gal) style. Despite being a member of Nagatoro's clique, she is very friendly to Naoto.

Sakura is 16-17 years old and was 15-16 years old in the first season of the anime. She was born on September 4, so she is a Virgo. She is the eldest child in her family.

How Old is Sakura? Sakura
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Credit: OLM

She is 157 cm (5'2") tall. Her eyes are brown, and her hair is platinum blonde. She also works part-time as a clerk.

Her given name, which translates as cherry blossom, is very common in Japan. Her interests include gossiping, particularly about romance, ninjas, and anything related to Toei Kyoto Studio Park.

Expensive sushi, green tea, maki, and shrimp rolls are among her favorite foods.

How Old Is Buchou?

Sana Sunomiya, also known as Buchou or Art Club President in the series, is one of the most responsible and serious students at Kazehaya High School. She stands out in the anime because of her odd personality and habit of public nudity.

In the first season, Buchou was 17-18 years old, but she is now an 18-19-year-old student at Tokyo University of the Arts.

How Old is Buchou? Sana Sunomiya
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Credit: OLM

She was born on June 19, so she is a Gemini, just like Gamo-chan.

Her height is 171 cm (5'7"). Her eyes are crimson, and her hair is a dark purplish-black.

Her hobbies include sidecars, anything related to Taro Okamoto, and public nudity.

Yukon Gold potatoes are her favorite food, and she dislikes junk food.

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