23 Jul 2020 11:35 AM +00:00 UTC

Don't Expect Wonder Woman 1984 and Tenet to Come to HBO Max Before Theaters

This has been a rough year for movie theaters and pretty much everyone living right now since current circumstances has made it harder for people to go out. Movies haven't been coming out since nobody wants to make people leave their homes and risk getting sick, hence so many movies getting the VOD treatment, including Bill & Ted Face the Music. Many fans are starting to wonder if major films like Black Widow, Wonder Woman 1984, and Tenet are next.

Well, it seems like Warner Bros. is really betting on theaters to be the home for their big releases since WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey (via Deadline) has stated that it's unlikely for Christopher Nolan's Tenet and Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 1984 to get an HBO Max release before theaters. It's an admirable stance to take but one that might not have many legs to stand on, given current events.

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Credit: Warner Bros.

Stankey does concede a bit, saying that the longer this goes on they might consider releasing some movies on HBO Max. However, he stands by saying that some movies are better experienced in a theater than at home. We're going to assume he means Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984 since they are the big blockbusters from Warner Bros.

"The longer this goes on, there's going to be some content on the margins that we're going to look at and say it may be better served to be distributed in another construct or a different construct. There's some content that is going to be more enjoyable and better to see in theaters than in the living room. I don't know when theaters are going to reopen."

As of this writing, Tenet has been removed from the Warner Bros. release schedule but is still expected to come out this year. Wonder Woman 1984 is currently slated for an October release, assuming the curve has been flattened by then.

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