Don't Expect Thor's Roommate Darryl To Show Up In Thor: Ragnarok

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Marvel fans were introduced to Darryl (Daley Pearson) in a funny mockumentary short called Team Thor where we see what Thor has supposedly been up to during the events of Captain America: Civil War. Fans would think that Darryl would make a real appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, but that's simply not the case.

It was confirmed during a panel at Sydney's Supanova Comic-Con (via Tyler James) that Darryl will not be appearing in Ragnarok. However, there is a chance for him to show up in Avengers: Infinity War.

For a while, I was thinking that the short could possibly have been canon in the Marvel universe, but the fact that it features Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) getting a call from Tony Stark sort of breaks the set-up of the Hulk's disappearance in the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Darryl is just an absolute delight to watch though.

As for his possible appearance in Infinity War, it's very likely that Daley Pearson will not be playing the role of Darryl but some other side character in the film. It would absolutely make sense too that his character interacts with Thor though.


Though Darryl won't be in the movie, he was very much helpful in getting everyone excited for the release of Thor: Ragnarok on Nov. 3.

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