Don Cheadle, Kevin Bacon, And More Audition For Indiana Jones

Credit: TBS

Credit: TBS

We're not sure if Steven Spielberg is looking for a new Indy considering that Harrison Ford is still signed on for Indiana Jones 5. Nevertheless, that didn't stop some awesome actors like Kevin Bacon, Don Cheadle, Thomas Middleditch, Adam Scott, and Tig Notaro from auditioning for the role.

The "audition reel" was actually a skit on the TBS show Conan which calls on some guests to audition for a certain role. The video starts off with Zombieland: Double Tap star Middleditch trying out and getting a little too enthusiastic with one of Indy's classic lines. He also tests out the whip and manages to injure someone offscreen.

The Lion King's Billy Eichner also auditions but questions whether Indiana Jones 5 will make some major changes to the character ("Is he bi now? Is it woke?"). Meanwhile, Veep star Sam Richardson suggests that maybe this time, Indy might like snakes instead. Scott, on the other hand, gets a little too OCD about getting a certain iconic scene right.

Seth Green also auditions and doesn't waste time in making a snake declare the truth ("Seth is the only guy for the role."). However, it's Cheadle who truly nails the audition.

Cheadle, or actually Dan Chadle, immediately suggests that Indy should have lasers coming out of his chest then claims that he will pay for the special effects (he can do the sound effects for free). He then decides that he should try out for another legendary role in the Indiana Jones films: the boulder. Perhaps the best thing about the audition is the song he made just for the boulder.

Indiana Jones 5 is expected to begin production in early 2020.

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