Does Zenitsu Get a Demon Slayer Mark? Canon Status vs Fan Theories Explained

zenitsu demon slayer mark
Credit: Koyoharu Gotoge / SHUEISHA, Aniplex, ufotable

zenitsu demon slayer mark
Credit: Koyoharu Gotoge / SHUEISHA, Aniplex, ufotable

It will be a dream come true for Demon Slayer fans to see Zenitsu Agatsuma's demon slayer mark appear. He's always around Tanjiro, so Zenitsu could get a mark based on one of its prerequisites.

The demon slayer mark is a double-edged sword that grants bearers enhanced abilities but leaves them with a curse.

It is the pinnacle of a demon slayer’s potential, a testament to their monstrous abilities and dedication to their mission.

Does Zenitsu Get a Demon Slayer Mark? What Happens in the Manga Explained

In the Demon Slayer manga, Zenitsu Agatsuma did not obtain a demon slayer mark, despite his remarkable talents and potential to activate the mark during his crucial battle against Kaigaku or even in the final battle against Muzan.

On the contrary, some fans believe Zenitsu may have already awoken his mark before meeting Tanjiro and the others.

The theory, which was posted on Reddit, holds that Zenitsu's demon slayer mark is imprinted on his blonde hair, which he allegedly awakened after being struck by lightning.

If this is true, then Zenitsu could be the first ever non-hashira to awaken the mark, not Tanjiro.

However, this theory has a lot of arguments, as Rengoku Kyojuro and Uzui Tengen could have awakened their marks simultaneously during their life-or-death battles if Zenitsu had already awakened his mark.

Another idea proposed by fans is that Zenitsu's thunder-like wounds acquired during his fight with Kaigaku were his demon slayer mark. These wounds wrap over Zenitsu's face, resembling a real demon slayer mark.

However, the vast majority believe that these thunder-like wounds are caused by Kaigaku's blood demon art, which has been enhanced with thunder breathing attacks.

On the bright side, some fans are still happy that he did not awaken his mark due to the curse that comes with it.

How Strong Could Zenitsu Become with a Demon Slayer Mark? Our Predictions

As with other Demon Slayer characters who awakened their marks, Zenitsu could have experienced a significant increase in strength, speed, and endurance, as well as enhanced senses.

He could have gained a pre-cognitive ability to foresee his opponents’ moves, which could have given him a crucial advantage in battle.

With the demon slayer mark, Zenitsu’s iconic thunderclap and flash could become even more devastating.

His speed could also reach unprecedented levels and his attacks could deal more damage, allowing him to defeat his opponents with greater ease.

Perhaps Zenitsu could have been able to overcome his chronic fear and self-doubt, which have always been problems for him throughout the series.

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