Does Naruto Have the Six Paths Sage Mode in Boruto?

Since Boruto: Naruto New Generations is the sequel of Naruto Shippuden, a lot of fans started to have questions regarding their favorite characters. One of the most asked questions is whether Naruto still has the Six Paths Sage Mode in this series.

The first time Naruto used this mode was during the Fourth Shinobi War. During this stage, he has nine-truth-seeking balls. However, it is important to note that this should not be the basis of this mode as Naruto was able to use the Six Paths Sage Mode without the orbs later on. The mode also looks like Naruto’s Nine-Tails Chakra Mode so it is quite hard to differentiate the two. One distinction that fans must be aware of is that during the Six Paths Sage Mode, Naruto’s eyes are yellow with a cross of horizontal toad slats and vertical fox slits on his pupils.

Does Naruto Have the Six Path Sage Mode in Boruto?

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For how many years, fans have been debating whether Naruto can still do the Six Paths Sage mode or not. Some believe that he can’t since it was mentioned in Shikamaru Hiden novel that Naruto should have all the nine-tailed beasts inside of him to achieve this mode. However, this theory was changed after Naruto used the Six Paths Sage Mode again on Boruto during the fight against Delta.

The debate has not ended as Kurama died on Boruto Chapter 55 due to excessive use of chakra after helping Naruto achieve Baryon mode. Fans are now wondering whether Naruto can still achieve this mode without the help of Kurama?

Unfortunately, there is still no answer to that as Naruto hasn’t used Six Paths Sage Mode after losing Kurama. Some fans are also worried that Naruto is not as powerful as he is before now that Kurama is no longer with him but some still consider him as God Tier.

We can’t say how much power Naruto has now but surely, he is not useless and he can still put up a fight against powerful enemies.

For those who are curious if Boruto is stronger than Naruto, you can find the answer here.

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