Does Meghan Markle Inherit Anything From the Queen?

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

When Queen Elizabeth II died in September 2022, many wondered who had inherited her collection of jewels. Of course, it's expected to go to the royal family, but did Meghan Markle get anything?

Some pieces from Queen Elizabeth's collection came from her late father, King George VI, her late husband, Prince Philip, and other relatives. So, what happened to these pieces when she died?

Did Meghan Markle Inherit Any of Queen Elizabeth's Jewels?

The Court Jeweller Lauren Kiehna told Page Six that royal wills are sealed, so no one can see the documents to see who gets what.

"We don't know every detail about the ownership of all of the royal jewels, and it's likely that we won't be privy to much detailed information about their inheritance now," she said.

However, it's possible that King Charles III gets to inherit his mom's jewelry collection, following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Queen Mary, and her mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, that willed her jewelry to her firstborn.

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But as the new king and his heir, Prince William, are both males, Camilla, Queen Consort, would have the first dibs on the collection, picking the jewels she wanted.

Kate would be the next one to choose. But as Meghan Markle's husband, Prince Harry, is further down the line of the succession, following the Wales kids, she and her daughter, Lilibet, wouldn't get anything, per CheatSheet.

"There's a very good chance the Queen won't leave either of them any jewels of value," a source told Radar Online, via The Healthy Journal.

Queen Elizabeth Might Have Already Planned Who Would Have Her Jewelry

Majesty Magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward believed that Queen Elizabeth had already "sorted and organized" who would receive her jewelry when she died.

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"I imagine Her late Majesty's personal jewelry will be given to various members of the family, the Princess of Wales as the future Queen receiving the lion's share," she said, per Marie Claire.

She suggested some pieces would be used by Camilla, Queen Consort, explaining, "She will need a large collection to support her constitutional role."

Alternatively, royal expert Katie Nicholl added that there was a "hierarchy in all of this," following the typical royal fashion.

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"The Queen Consort really gets first choice of the Queen's jewelry. And after that is Princess of Wales, of course, Kate," she stated. "The Duchess of Sussex, I'm sure, will come in for some jewelry at some point, but she is much further down the pecking order."

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