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Does Hawkeye Have Superpowers? His Reflex in the Trailer is Insane!

Credit: Marvel Studios

If the first trailer of Hawkeye does not excite you for the upcoming holiday season, what could? He finally got the solo outing he deserves and it is not too late for him to show everyone what he got before he passes the baton to Kate Bishop. In one particular scene, his reflex is insane when he caught the Molotov cocktail without looking and it will make you wonder, does he have superpowers?

Does Hawkeye Have Superpowers?

In his tenure in the MCU, Hawkeye is known to be a sharpshooter, never missing a shot and his arrows fly directly to whom or to where he pleases it to go. It is as if he wills wherever the arrows fly as if he puts a direction to it. There were times he wasn't even looking but still gets the shot. If that isn't a superpower, what could that be?

The trailer showed him in his retirement, enjoying time with his kids when he saw on the news that someone is taking his Ronin identity and it turns out to be a huge fan of him, Kate Bishop, who has the same love for the bow and arrow. In one scene, when thrown by a Molotov cocktail, Clint Barton was able to catch the bottle and throw it back.

That was some mad reflex he has! Still, he claims to be an ordinary human being misplaced in battles like in Avengers: Age of Ultron when he said it doesn't make sense that he has a bow and arrow in a flying city against an army of robots.

Technically, he is just an ordinary human who just got some mad skills in accuracy through constant training and experience. Still, if you rewatch all the films in the MCU that he appeared in, it would suggest otherwise.

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Just because he doesn't fly nor he doesn't have magic, the spatial awareness and accuracy of Clint Barton is beyond human comprehension, it is tantamount to someone superhuman. Such reflexes could not have been done by someone "just normal." It suggests that he might have some superpowers of superhuman accuracy and an intense level of spatial awareness like that of Daredevil and he just didn't recognize it as powers.

He could have been born with it as well. Since he was a child, he has that accuracy, making him able to join the circus with his brother. This lowkey superhero is definitely more than just humble to accept that he has superpowers because he could've mistaken it as a skill he harnessed through the years.

See more of Clint Barton's amazing accuracy and reflexes in the upcoming series of Hawkeye to be released on November 24, 2021, only on Disney Plus.

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