Doctor Who Ten And Thirteen To Team Up In New 2020 Episode

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It's been a while since we've seen Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who, but it looks like the BBC series is going to bring in both Thirteen and Ten in a brand new story in 2020.

Titan Comics just made an announcement at this year's New York Comic-Con (via that Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor Season 2 is going to see Whitaker team up with fan-favorite Doctor Who star David Tennant in an episode taking on the Weeping Angels, the iconic villains that were first introduced in the now-classic episode Blink.

Blink was played during Tennant's time as everyone's favorite Time Lord, and it featured the Doctor's first battle against the Weeping Angels, terrifying, time-sucking alien monsters that come in the shape of angel statues.

In Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor Season 2, the new episode is described as a "reimagining" of Blink where the Weeping Angels and the Autons (another alien that was introduced during the first season of the relaunched Doctor Who television series when Christopher Eccleston played the Ninth Doctor Who) arrive in London in the 1960s.

In the episode, Ten and Thirteen have to try their best to keep London safe from the rising conflict between the Weeping Angels and the Autons.

This is definitely exciting news for Doctor Who fans. Ten was a fan-favorite iteration of the Doctor, and Blink was one of the classic episodes of the series. It's going to be a hoot seeing Ten return to battle his old enemy together with Thirteen.

Doctor Who will return in 2020.

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