Doctor Who Star Yasmin Finney Confirms New Rose is Trans

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Doctor Who is getting a new Rose and this time, the character is confirmed to be trans. Yasmin Finney has confirmed that her new character will be the first major transgender character to be introduced in the franchise.

Yasmin Finney recently attended the Trans Pride march in London where she gave a stirring speech (via Digital Spy). After asking the audience if they have seen Doctor Who, Finney announced that the character she will play in the series identifies as trans.


"Yeah, because that is also a moment and that is also a show where my character is trans," she declared. Finney continued by addressing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. "So, Boris, I hope you see Heartstopper, I hope you see Doctor Who, because I exist, and I know you know I exist," she stated.

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This is a cool revelation considering that we know so little about the new character other than the fact that she shares the same name as a former Companion. It is still unclear whether Yasmin Finney's Rose will be a new version of Rose Tyler, who was originally played by Billie Piper. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to meeting her very soon.

Yasmin Finney's casting was announced back in May and returning showrunner Russell T. Davies teased her character's name, asking “How can there be another Rose?” It was not revealed whether Finney's character will be a new Companion to the Fourteenth Doctor played by Ncuti Gatwa or if Rose will appear solely in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary.

In the meantime, Jodie Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor is set to regenerate in the third Doctor Who special later this year. Although the new episode has not yet been given an official release date, it is expected to be broadcast in October 2022. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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