Good Omens Star David Tennant Reveals His Doctor Who Pet Peeve

It's no secret that playing the Tenth Doctor was a dream job for David Tennant. However, the Good Omens star recently revealed that there was one thing about Doctor Who that he always had a problem with.

Tennant recently spoke to Radio Times to reminisce about his long run as the Time Lord. Although the Jessica Jones actor had plenty of fond memories, he also admitted that he often had trouble with the TARDIS.

"There's something very pleasing about stepping out of that iconic box wherever it might land, but with the actual box itself, it was always quite hard to close the door because it was flat-packed. It would be assembled usually rather quickly – and very expertly of course – but sometimes, like any Ikea cabinet, the doors weren't always as flush as they might be when you were making a big exit or entrance."

This might be the last thing we would expect about the TARDIS since it usually looks like it works so well in the show. Now we'll never unsee the image of the Tenth Doctor dramatically entering the blue box then repeatedly trying to shut the door.

We're not sure if current Doctor Jodie Whittaker is having trouble with the TARDIS but Series 11 is set to change a major tradition. Chris Chibnall recently announced that there will be no Doctor Who Christmas Special this year. The new showrunner stated that they had "possibly overmined every single thing we could about Christmas."

Tennant will star in Good Omens, which is expected to premiere on Amazon next year. Doctor Who Series 11 airs on BBC every Sunday nights.

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