08 Oct 2018 11:33 AM +00:00 UTC

Doctor Who Star Jodie Whitaker Becomes The First-Ever Time Lord Barbie


Jodie Whittaker's role as the first-ever female Doctor is already getting a whole new universe of merchandising as her Time Lord has entered the world of Barbie. The fashion doll brand has a tradition of immortalizing women who break new ground, so it's not surprising to see Jodie Whittaker get her own version of Barbie.

Preorders started on October 7 at BBCshop.com, HotTopic.com, and Barbie.com, for delivery on December 3. Check out the full image from Mattel:

Image: Mattel

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As you can see above, the new Doctor comes with a rainbow-striped t-shirt, trench coat, and cropped trousers. She's also wearing her signature suspenders and lace-up boots. This Barbie also comes with a new sonic screwdriver which looks weirdly organic.

This is a perfect gift for your Whovian friends.

The Thirteenth Doctor Barbie will cost you $50 USD.

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