02 Oct 2018 9:42 AM +00:00 UTC

Doctor Who: Mother Addresses Fan Snobbery After Daughter Questioned at Comic Con

Getting into a fandom can be a bit of a struggle these days, with certain followers being a little too, let's say, protective of the entertainment properties they love. Unfortunately, Doctor Who is one of those properties, joining Marvel, DC, and Star Wars as something that gets hounded by gatekeepers who like to test newer fans to see if they're "real fans." Sadly, we have a story about that today.

A mother recently discussed how an older man was hounding her daughter about Doctor Who trivia to see if the young girl was a real fan. The girl was only 11 years old and was questioned while eating, which is already pretty rude. Apparently, the gatekeeping fan was a burly, older man who asked if she knew "anything" about Doctor Who.

What's sad is that this came moments after the young girl had met Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor, who just retired to make way for the 13th Doctor. She was also wearing a Tardis-inspired dress to show how much she loved Doctor Who, so seeing a mean person question this girl's fandom is simply disgusting.


People should be allowed to enjoy these forms of media, regardless if they are hardcore fans or casual followers. There's nothing wrong with being either one so knowing that some fans would question an 11-year-old on their knowledge of a franchise is the worst. It's just so dumb and the fact that it's a younger fan shows that he was out of line.

Being a fan of anything geek-related can be hard these days, with so many of these followers acting like their franchises are sacred fruit that cannot be touched. We can only hope that this era of geekdom eventually ends since there are a lot of good geeks out there who do want others to get into these mediums.

Doctor Who season 11 will debut this fall.

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