Doctor Who New Year's Special to Continue Flux Storyline

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The Doctor Who New Year's Special is almost here but what can we expect in the special episode next weekend? Showrunner Chris Chibnall has revealed new details about the highly anticipated Holiday Special and interestingly, it sounds like we'll be getting more of the Flux storyline!

Chris Chibnall recently spoke to Radio Times about the Doctor Who New Year's Special which is titled Eve of the Daleks. The title itself already teases a connection to Doctor Who Flux but the showrunner also shared more details about the upcoming episode.

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"The Doctor lands the TARDIS in a place she’s not expecting to land in order to reset it from the damage done to it in the Flux in the previous series. She has to face continuously escaping Daleks in a time loop and save the lives of the two people who are there on New Year’s Eve," Chibnall said. He then pointed out that we're facing some truly scary Daleks next week.

"These are execution Daleks – they’ve got slightly different weapons and have very much come with a very clear purpose for this. They are not trying to destroy the world. They are trying to destroy the Doctor in payment for what has been done to the Daleks at the end of the previous series," Chibnall said.

It's interesting to note that the New Year's Special is almost like a continuation of Season 13 which ended with the finale The Vanquishers. Will the Daleks succeed, or will the Thirteenth Doctor manage to deal with them?


Although we're not sure how the Doctor will deal with the Daleks, we're fairly sure that she will survive to regenerate. But will it happen by the end of the New Year's Special? The truth will be revealed next week.

The Doctor Who New Year's Special will premiere on New Year's Day.

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