Doctor Strange’s Scott Adkins Shares His Audition to be the Next Batman

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Ben Affleck had officially announced that we won't be returning to the standalone Batman solo film, and WB is currently looking for a younger actor to take on the cape and cowl. Scott Adkins, who played one of the zealots in Doctor Strange has released an audition tape of himself for the role of Batman.

Check him out:

While Adkins undoubtedly has the body and the face to pull off a younger Ben Affleck, he may be a tad too old for the role at the age of 42. Then again, he does look to be in tip-top shape, and his more slender frame can easily pass for a younger Bruce Wayne as compared to Affleck's bulkier bat.

You can watch Adkins take on the Sorcerer Supreme here:

It's said that the studio is looking for someone familiar to take on the role though, and a rumor had even come out that Twilight Robert Pattinson was being taken into consideration. There are also others who want Armie Hammer for Batman, seeing as he was supposed to play him in the canceled Justice League movie which was going to be directed by George Miller.

With production set to begin later this year, it's very likely we could get our news of the next Batman before June, maybe even earlier. Let's not forget the movie still has to cast others characters like the Penguin and an unnamed villain who everyone thinks is Hush.

Matt Reeves' The Batman is set to come out June 25, 2021.

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