Doctor Strange Villain Dormammu Looked Much Cooler in Original Concept Art

It looks like Marvel had a very look for Doctor Strange's main villain, Dormammu.

While it's hard to forget the terrifying, purple wooden-like head hoping to consume Earth in Benedict Cumberbatch's first standalone movie as Dr. Stephen Strange, Marvel had originally planned for more for the villain.

Taking to Instagram last weekend, Marvel concept artist Jerad S.Marantz decided to share some original concept art of Dormammu in Doctor Strange. Unlike the version of the primordial inter-dimensial enitity that was only portrayed with a head in the Marvel movie, this iteration of Dormammu gives him a full body. With hallow eyes and planets adorning his head, the original version of the character seems just as every bit as terrifying.

"Here's an old #dormammu option I did for Doctor Strange back in the day," Marantz writes in the caption for the photo, "Always liked this version. At this point we were playing around with more human options. Really fun show."

You can check out the post down here:

Fans seem to love the concept art as well. The art piece has close to eight thousand likes on Instagram with Marvel fans commenting about how they love this design for Dormamu.

We have to say, the old design has a very cosmic and royal feel about it. It even reminds us of the lead character of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, the dark and mysterious Dream. It's a little bit disappointing that Marvel decided to go with just the head for Doctor Strange. Maybe they were trying to save up on CGI effects.

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